All of our e-liquids are uniquely made for
My Time Vapor in Oregon.
All of our e-liquids are made with the finest
USA ingredients available.

All of our e-liquids have been steeped for a minimum of two weeks before they are presented to you.

My Time Vapor e-liquids are available in the following Nicotine levels:

0, 3, 6, 12, 18, & 24 mg

And in the following sizes:
10 ml bottle $8.50
15 ml bottle $11.00
50 ml bottle $25.00



*Tobacco Flavors*

A light blend of seven different tobaccos

Desert Gold

A smooth blend of sun cured Turkish tobacco’s

DK-555 Tobacco
A woodsy tobacco with a sweet undertone

Red Box Classic
A classic full flavor tobacco

Available only in 50ml.

RY4 Tobacco
A sweet tobacco with undertones of vanilla & caramel


Dragon's Breath
An after dinner smooth and creamy mint

A cool smooth pure menthol

Perilous Mint
An extreme blend of peppermint & menthol

Tobacco blend Menthol
A light tobacco with a mild menthol


*Fruity Flavors*  

Black Cherry

Fresh black cherries

A sweet mix of fresh blueberries

Coconut Creation
A nice coconut flavor

Crazy Citrus Cooler
A blend of orange, tangerine, & lemonade 

Dragon's Blood

A creamy dragon fruit flavor

Fuji Apple
Sweet & juicy Fuji apple

Key Lime

A little sweet, a little tart,

it's key lime​

Mixed Berries
Sweet mixed berries


Peach, Watermelon, Cantaloupe

Refreshing peach, watermelon, & cantaloupe.

Pineapple Mango
A blend of mango’s & pineapple’s

Strawberry Banana
A classic blend of strawberries & banana’s

Strawberry Kiwi
Refreshing blend of strawberries & kiwi

Tropical Twist
A blend of sweet coconut, kiwi, pineapple, & mango 

Crisp juicy watermelon 

White Peach
Juicy ripe white peach 


*Sweets & Deserts

Bavarian Cream

Creamy rich sweet dessert flavored with liqueur, vanilla and blended with whipped cream 

Banana Cream Cake Batter

Creamy banana cake batter

Banana Nut Bread

Classic banana nut bread that is simple,  moist, and delicious​

Blue Honey
Fresh blueberries in honey

 Cinnamon Fireball
Atomic fireball

Fluffy Spun Sugar

Fluffy spun cotton candy

Fruit Rainbow
Blend of seven candy flavors

Fire & Ice
Cinnamon inhale with a cool exhale

Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear

Dragon's Magic
Creamy ambrosia

Dragon's Milk
Creamy blend of sweet rice & cinnamon

Dulce de Leche

A luxurious, rich caramel made from slowly cooking milk and sugar​

Peachberry in Cream

Peaches & cream inhale-strawberry & cream exhale

Popsicle USA
A taste of summer - that familiar red, white and blue bomb pop

Fresh homemade snickerdoodle cookies

Sweet and Tart
Sweet & tart all in one vape

Vanilla Swirl
A blend of sweet vanillas


Bahama Mama

Fruity cocktail with smooth mango, pineapple, piña colada, orange and Rum

Baja Blast

Baja blast

Dragon's Cafe

Espresso with Cream  and Vanilla


*70% VG-30%PG Liquids

Pink Lemonade

Pralines & Cream

​Dinner Lady

Lancashire England

Lemon Tart

Sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding With Jam e-liquid is cooked to perfection. Velvety, sweet and creamy rice pudding with a tasty dollop of raspberry jam stirred through the finish.

Kings Crest E-liquids

Miami, Florida

Blue Queen 

An exotic blend of kiwi, blue raspberry, cotton candy, with a hint of hibiscus

Don Juan

A mesmerizing butter pecan pie


A decadent creamy & milky tres leches 

Strawberry Duchess

​A decadent creamy & milky strawberry tres leches

A delectable creamy vanilla custard 

Beard Vape Company

Venice, California

​Beard Vape No. 24

Sea salt caramel

Beard Vape  No. 32

Advertised as a cinnamon funnel cake. 

This e-juice is absolutely scrumptious, and the cinnamon isn’t like other cinnamon vapes.

Beard Vape No. 42

A blend of different fruits in a delicious and refreshing fruit cup with a dollop of whipped cream on top to balance it out.

Beard Vape No. 71

​Sweet and sour peach flavor.  On the inhale you will taste a sweet peachy flavor, on the exhale the sour sugar notes come into play.

Beard Vape 


Marina Vape Co.

Los Angeles, California

Strawberry Jam Donuts

 Whenever you take this you will literary experience a bite of fresh strawberry frosted donuts. 

Vape Pink

Santa Ana, California


Chew by Vape Pink E-liquid tastes like mouth watering pink chewy candy that leaves you wanting



Micro Brew Vapor

Buffalo, New York

Grumpy Old Bastard

Rich and creamy, it actually feels like the butterscotch and cream just left your mouth, leaving behind this tasty goodness only describable as amazing. 

One Eyed Turtle

A deep fried soft pretzel dough topped with crumbled graham crackers and brown sugar.

The Lonely Comet

A parfait of crunchy nuts, fruit, and cream.

Nillionaire Series

Cold Rainbow Sherbert





Big F'ing Deal

Berry Burst

Tigers Bloood